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The toponym ‘Aucis’ or ‘Auce’ was already known in the pre-Livonian period. When in the Livonian Order State, Jaunauce was called Mazauce for approximately 150 years. In 1518 the Livonian Order master Plettenberg lent the region to Johan Koskull. From 1575 till 1671 Jaunauce belonged to the dukes of the Kettler family. Duke Wilhelm established a congregation in 1612 and built a stone church. Duke Jacob renewed the Jaunauce (German: Neu-Autz) name; his substantial economic activity was useful to Jaunauce as well, providing a glass furnace and potassium brewery.




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The “We for Jaunauce” society has worked at Jaunauce Manor since 2007. The society raises funds for manor restoration projects, culture and life-long education events via projects. The society gathers 21 members who have all been teachers and graduates of the former Jaunauce Primary School.

The aim of the society is to encourage the formation of a civil society in Jaunauce Parish and to prompt the residents of Jaunauce Parish to improve their living environment; to promote cultural and historical heritage and tourism development in Jaunauce Parish.



Inguna Balcere

Jaunauce Manor manager

Inguna Balcere

+371 26014296


Lūcija Siliņa

Manor guide

Lūcija Siliņa

+371 28349411


Rīga – Jaunauce 117 km, 2 hours

Saldus – Jaunauce 46.0 km, 40 minutes

Auce – Jaunauce 14 km, 12 minutes

Brussels – Jaunauce 1 944 km, 20 hours

Legal status of Jaunauce Manor: property of Saldus district municipality

Room tenants: society “We for Jaunauce” and Jaunauce parish ev.Lutheran congregation.

The manor’s park is lent to the society “We for Jaunauce”

Closest tourism objects:

Vecauce Palace (14 km), Vadakste Palace ( 10 km), Reņģe Palace (10 km), Jaunauce Rectory (3 km), Dobeskalns mound (7 km), King’s springs (Swedish king Carl XII’sinjuries were healed by the spring water, 10 km), the former Zvārde soviet army firing ground (7 km).


Adress: Jaunauces pils, Jaunauces pagasts, Saldus novads, LV 3893

GPS coordinates: : +56° 26′ 39.31″, +22° 41′ 22.82″ (56.444253, 22.689673)

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